Soren Dalsager is now the dual CEO of Stavis Seafoods and Profand USA

David Lancaster will leave his position of CEO in Stavis Seafoods to be assumed by Soren Dalsager, CEO of Profand USA, expanding his duties.
David Lancaster. Photo by: Stavis Seafood.
David Lancaster. Photo by: Stavis Seafood.

Stavis Seafoods has announced a transition in one of its principal leadership positions: CEO. Thus, David Lancaster will leave his position to be assumed by Soren Dalsager, CEO of Profand USA, expanding his functions for Stavis.

A transfer of the position that Dalsager is familiar with, well-versed in its functions. Soren is a highly qualified candidate with extensive international experience in various companies and leadership roles. Among his high-ranking positions, he has worked for companies such as San Francisco Fisheries and Royal Greenland before joining Profand. This experience has given him over 25 years in the industry.

"Our decision to appoint Soren Dalsager as Stavis CEO reflects our commitment to a seamless transition and our enthusiasm for the bright future ahead for Stavis Seafoods," said Moisés Rodríguez, General Manager, Profand Group. "We are grateful to David Lancaster for his valuable contributions and are confident that Soren's leadership will build upon our strong foundation, taking our company to new heights."

Furthermore, the company also took the opportunity to discuss progress in its plans. Among these, it explained that the company is embracing an "exciting future." These words reference the significant investment by Stavis Seafoods in the 75,000-square-foot facilities located at 1 Seafood Way in the Seaport district of Boston, as well as a new ERP system. These two investments aim to drive innovation and enhance customer service.

About Stavis Seafoods

Stavis Seafoods, a New England seafood leader since 1929, excels in global seafood sourcing. Owned by Spain-based Profand Group, it offers quality, sustainability, and direct access to fisheries worldwide, with a commitment to responsible practices in the USA and beyond. Profand markets around 120,000 tons of fish per year, owns 13 processing plants, 11 aquaculture facilities and 24 fishing vessels operating globally.

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