Brian Knochenmus is the CEO and President of The trū Shrimp

The trū Shrimp have announced the appointment of Brian Knochenmus as President and CEO of the company.
Brian Knochenmus. Photo by: Ralco.
Brian Knochenmus. Photo by: Ralco.

The trū Shrimp have announced the appointment of Brian Knochenmus as President and CEO of the company. He will also continue in his current capacity as Chairman of the Board.

"I am thrilled to step into this role and bring to completion our dream of building a fully-integrated chitosan and shrimp business," said Knochenmus. "Opportunities like this come along once in a lifetime. What we are building is new to the world and perfectly aligns with the demands for breakthrough medical technologies and a high-quality, responsible food supply. As we approach the final phase of commercializing this amazing technology, the work has only intensified. I have felt for some time the need to add resources and begin to divide the work."

In this capacity, Knochenmus will be responsible for launching a commercial-scale production facility in Madison, SD, a challenge for which he is undoubtedly well-prepared. With over 20 years of experience at Ralco Nutrition, Inc., in roles ranging from production and marketing to Vice President, and recently President and CEO, Knochenmus brings his expertise, vision, and understanding of technology, food, and manufacturing.

Furthermore, it's important to remember that The trū Shrimp was born as a division of Ralco, based on Knochenmus's vision to revolutionize shrimp aquaculture.

This change in roles will see the current President and CEO, Michael Ziebell, taking on the position of COO. This transition will allow Knochenmus to focus on raising capital and charting the course for future growth.

"Over the years, I have greatly appreciated Brian's leadership as the Chairman of the Board. We share a common vision for this company and a passion for creating sustainably produced products that fill gaps in the markets we operate in," stated Ziebell. "This is truly a pivotal moment for our company."

About The trū Shrimp

Since 2014, The trū Shrimp has led the aquaculture industry with its breakthrough indoor platform. The company is focused on predictable shrimp production and valuable shrimp shell tissue and is powered by Tidal Basin Technology. This technology excels in supply chain traceability, consistency, and sustainability. Finally, among their product line, are include USP chitosan for medical use, premium consumer shrimp, and a high-protein.

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