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Up to 48% of all shares

The Billund Aquaculture Group has announced that 35% of all shares will be held by Havbruksparken Utvikling AS and 13% by Okapi Salmon AS. Thereby, Billund’s founders, the Sørensen family, aim to address the demand for the growing RAS market.

In addition, Havbruksparken Utvikling AS is also the majority owner of Aqua Kompetanse AS. A company that provides consulting services to the aquaculture industry.

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The new shareholders are three Norwegian families. Firstly, the Refsnes family owns part of the salmon producer Refsnes Laks and is the founder of Columbi Salmon.

Moreover, the Lofsnæs family owns the salmon producer Bjørøyaa and Rasmussen family has major investments in real estate and the software industry.

According to a statement, this action will strengthen the Group’s operations worldwide. Billund confirmed it has significant growth plans with several facilities already in the pipeline. It has developed emblematic smolt and post-smolt projects for over 15 years.

Regarding this, Christian Sørensen, CEO of Billund Aquaculture, said: “Bringing these experienced players into our company is very positive news, especially considering the vast know-how they have gathered in the aquaculture business over the years. Furthermore, our new ownership puts us in a very strong long-term financial position that will help keep us at the forefront of the global market for the development of large-scale RAS projects.”

On the other hand, Director of Investments Pål Berg confirmed:”We are excited about investing in Billund Aquaculture together with the Sørensen family. The world’s need to produce protein in a sustainable manner means the future of the RAS industry is very promising. Billund Aquaculture is the most skilled and experienced supplier to explore those opportunities.”

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About Billund Aquaculture Group

The Billund Aquaculture Group has vast experience in systems used for the production of fish, presenting ourselves as the support of the new generations of fish farmers. The Group is currently present in more than 20 countries, with over 130 successfully-executed projects.

With offices in Denmark, Chile, Norway, Australia, and the United States, the company has been a pioneer in the development of RAS worldwide and it is considered a fundamental pillar in the construction of the sustainable and efficient aquaculture of tomorrow.

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