Aquatech alliance: Havida and GroAqua merge for stronger international presence

The two aquaculture technology firms are joining forces to strengthen their international position and drive innovation, the companies said.
Havida CEO Tomas Sund and GroAqua CEO Suni Justinussen shake hands on the deal that sees the two aquatech companies joining forces.

Havida CEO Tomas Sund and GroAqua CEO Suni Justinussen shake hands on the deal that sees the two aquatech companies joining forces.

Photo: Havida and GroAqua.

Aquaculture technology firms Havida and GroAqua are merging, the companies have announced, in a strategic alliance focused on international growth.

Havida, an aquatech company specialising in sensing and technological control in aquaculture operations, holds a strong market position in North and Central Norway.  

Meanwhile, GroAqua has a long history in contributing to fish farming development in the North Atlantic region, with a history of more than 52 years in operation. The UK and Faroe Islands-based company specialises in remote monitoring and control of feeding and breeding processes, both in seawater and freshwater. GroAqua has operations in Scotland, the Faroe Islands, Denmark, and Poland.

In a press release announcing the merger, Havida and GroAqua said the two companies complement each other in terms of products, culture and ambitions, by joining forces, they hope to "drive industry-wide innovation".

The merged entity is set to deliver a broad set of products and services to the aquaculture industry, ranging from simple solutions to extensive projects, together with installation and after-sales service. 

Shared vision and complementary products, culture and ambitions

“At GroAqua, we’ve met a strong and positive team with deep commitment to their high-quality work," said Havida CEO Tomas Sund

"They really share our vision. Partnering with GroAqua will help boost our growth, driven by an ambitious expansion strategy in the Norwegian market and will create job opportunities along the coastline.”  

Suni Justinussen, CEO of GroAqua, also sees the merger as bringing international benefits through bringing together the two teams.

“We are excited to welcome the skilled team from Havida. Our highly qualified personnel across Norway, Scotland, Poland, Denmark, and the Faroe Islands are committed to deliver unparallel service to our clients in these regions," Justinussen said.

"With our broad product portfolio and production capacity, we have positioned ourselves firmly in the international market," he added

As part of the merger agreement, the management of Havida will become shareholders in GroAqua along with the remaining leadership of GroAqua and the industrial holding company P/F Tjaldur.

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