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Arnarlax and Vesturbyggd municipality will build a high-tech processing house for farmed fish in Vatnseyri, Patreksfjordur, (Iceland). The building will accommodate 100 people and process up to 80,000 tonnes of farmed fish.

Firstly, both will conclude agreements, draw up a new zoning plan for the area and prepare for construction. Then, push a relocation of existing operations, and the development of further infrastructure in the area. Finally, they will examine in more detail how the local community will use the company’s current facility.

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According to a statement, the initial idea is to demolish Straumness’ older premises and move the waste reception area. Also, the intention is to build a large ship quay at Patrekshöfn. Further, the company will pay in form of catch fees to the municipality as a long-term agreement.

Regarding this, Björn Hembre, CEO of Arnarlax confirmed: “I am very pleased with this landmark agreement with Vesturbyggd. The investment will also strengthen the industry’s competitiveness and the position of aquaculture in the Westfjords for the future.”

On the other side, Rebekka Hilmarsdóttir, Mayor of Vesturbyggd stated: “It is gratifying that Arnarlax and Vesturbyggd have agreed on this important future development in the southern Westfjords. Aquaculture is the largest industry in the region and there must be now a future vision on both sides for the continued development of aquaculture and related activities in Vesturbyggd.”

Furthermore, another Iceland based company, Iceland Seafood International, has reorganized their structure in the area with a successful result.

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