Bilbao's Food 4 Future Expo highlights technology and trends in seafood and aquaculture

The international trade event Food 4 Future - Bilbao Foodtech World Summit takes place 16-18 April in Bilbao, Spain, focusing on automation, sustainability and digitalization as its core themes.
Food 4 Future - Bilbao Foodtech World Summit.

Food 4 Future - Bilbao Foodtech World Summit.

Photo: Food 4 Future.

Food 4 Future - Expo Foodtech 2024, scheduled for April 16-18 in Bilbao, Spain, aims to spotlight the ongoing transformation towards efficiency and sustainability within the food and protein industries, including aquaculture, fishing and seafood.

The event, organized by NEBEXT and Spanish food & marine research centre AZTI, will gather over 8,000 professionals and 250 exhibiting firms, showcasing the latest in foodtech, robotics, processing and packaging machinery, food safety, and science. This year, it coincides with the Pick&Pack for Food Industry expo, focusing on packaging and logistics solutions. 

Alongside the trade exhibitors, the expo will also feature the Foodtech World Summit, including discussions devoted to feed efficiency, responsible livestock management, and environmental impact reduction, in addition to challenges of technology, resources and regulation. 

"Smart fishing" under the spotlight

In the context of the fishing and seafood industry, a key focus area will be “smart fishing” practices, employing AI and other technologies for optimized resource management and sustainability.

Together with other expert panellists, Alfonso Menoyo, Fleet Coordinator of tuna company Albacora, will explore the possibilities of data analysis and predictive modelling in improving decision making and management in the fishing industry and related sectors. 

Value chain traceability with blockchain and RFID

Seafood traceability is another key theme covered by the event. Experts, including General Director of Spain’s seafood industry federation Fedepesca, María Luísa Álvarez, will discuss the use of data analysis, predictive modelling, and technologies like blockchain and RFID for improved safety, control, and traceability in the value chain.

The discussion will be moderated by the Marine Stewardship Council's Spain and Portugal lead, Laura Rodriguez Zugasti, and will also feature input from Nerea Bascaran of leading Spanish seafood firm, Angulas Aguinaga.

Sustainable aquaculture and decarbonization

A further item on the summit's agenda is animal health and sustainable aquaculture, with a session devoted to technological advancements in sensors, monitoring systems, and data analysis to enhance welfare standards and minimize environmental impact.

During the session, Manuel Yúfera, Research Professor at the University of Cadiz's Institute of Marine Sciences of Andalusia, will share practical and successful examples of using sensors, monitoring systems and data analysis in order to optimize farming conditions, ensure the comfort of aquatic species and minimize environmental impact. 

Participants will also have the opportunity to hear from food industry leaders, including Oscar Vicente, CEO of Angulas Aguinaga, who will also share insights on technological innovation and decarbonization in the seafood sector.

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