Camanchaca to expand European business through Spain

Camanchaca to expand European business through Spain

Camanchaca will use its new office in northern Spain to expand itself through the European markets. The company began operations at a 650-metric-ton-per-day frozen horse mackerel plant in February. Camanchaca plans to capitalize on the port city of Vigo a major seafood processing.

The Chilean seafood giant aims to integrate Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified Atlantic salmon and organic mussels, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified horse mackerel, and antibiotic-free coho salmon products into markets such as France, Germany Denmark, and the Netherlands.

In particular, Spain and Portugal are the chosen countries to deliver mussel-based products. Here, canners products presume to have wide choice and quality of these products. Although the United Kingdom is not part of the European Union anymore, remains an important market for the company's mussel sales.

Finally, Camanchaca published its financial results for the last 2021 trimester. It shows an important sales and results recovery with revenues of $107,6 million and profits of $9,7 million.

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