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Mowi Ireland has announced Catherine McManus as its new operations director. She has been part of the company for over 30 years, most recently as a technical manager in Ireland.

Catherine holds an honors degree in Environmental Science and Technology and has over 30 years of experience within the Irish salmon aquaculture industry, in the areas of organic aquaculture, environmental and quality management systems in addition to planning and regulatory affairs. 

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About Mowi Ireland

Mowi Ireland is Ireland’s largest producer of farmed Atlantic salmon. The company operates in five counties on the west coast of Ireland, from Donegal in the north of the country to Cork and Kerry in the southwest of the country.

The first harvest of Atlantic salmon took place in Ireland in 1984 from young salmon put to sea in 1982. By 1986 the company became self-sufficient with its broodstock. Mowi Ireland now exports over 85% of its product to several countries including the USA, Canada, and the middle east.

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