Norwegian government invests in a seafood national dietary program

The Fiskesprell program will receive an extra NOK 3.9 million to increase raw material support in schools and kindergartens.
Satisfied presenter of Fiskesprell, Anna Reibo Jentoft.

Satisfied presenter of Fiskesprell, Anna Reibo Jentoft.

Norwegian Seafood Council

The Norwegian Seafood Council has confirmed that the Norwegian government is investing an extra NOK 3.9 million in the Fiskesprell dietary program to increase raw material support in schools and kindergartens.

Fisheries and Oceans Minister, Cecilie Myrseth, said in a press release: "More children and young people must open their eyes to the good fish and seafood we have in Norway. To counteract the declining trend, we must ensure that seafood is easily available. We know that the price of fish and seafood is a major barrier to increasing its use in schools and nurseries. That is why we are now giving an extra grant to the dietary program Fiskesprell of NOK 3.9 million to strengthen access to seafood."

However, she added: "Fish and seafood are Norway's second largest export product. At the same time, we have never eaten less fish than today here at home, and the government is keen to step up efforts. Seafood is both sustainable and healthy, so we must reverse the trend. It is both about our health and it is about the health of our planet because the sea is the most sustainable food dish we have. I want to contribute to more children and young people enjoying nutritious and good fish and seafood through the Fiskesprell program."

Also, Christian Chramer, CEO of Norway's Seafood Council, added: "This is very gratifying, and contributes well to the good work Fiskesprell is doing to get more children to love seafood."

Finally, program manager for Fiskesprell, Anna Reibo Jentoft, stated: "Now we have the opportunity to initiate more measures to achieve our goals, for example by increasing raw material support for schools, which we know is an important contribution to getting more fish into the food and health subjects in schools."

About Fishing Sprell

Fiskesprell is a national dietary program that aims to increase seafood consumption among children and young people. Together with staff in kindergartens and schools, we create seafood joy and make seafood a natural choice.

Fiskesprell is a collaboration between the Ministry of Health and Welfare , the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries , the Ministry of Climate and the Environment and the Norwegian Seafood Council , which together with the fish sales teams finance the programme.

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