Salmon Evolution enters the Swedish retail market

The Norwegian land-based salmon farming company has partnered with the seafood company Korshags Food AB.
Korshags Food AB is a Swedish seafood company based in Falkenberg.

Korshags Food AB is a Swedish seafood company based in Falkenberg.

Salmon Evolution

Salmon Evolution has partnered with one of the leading Swedish seafood companies, Korshags Food AB, to provide "high-quality, environmentally friendly salmon" into the country's retail market.

Regarding this partnership, the Group CEO of Ocean Collective and Executive Chairman of Korshags Food, Jörgen Bergqvist said: "Korshags' vision is to change the perception of seafood, making it simpler, more accessible, and tastier while never compromising our belief in healthy seas and genuine craftsmanship."

On the other hand, Salmon Evolution CCO Odd Frode Roaldsnes added: "Validating our concept in a key market like Sweden, known for its strong focus on sustainability, and partnering with a leading player like Korshags aligns perfectly with our strategic plans."

Salmon Evolution is currently developing the Phase 2 expansion of facilities at its Indre Harøy farming site in western Norway. Also, the Norwegian land-based salmon farming company is in "advanced negotiations" over its new North American site.

About Korshags Food AB

Korshags Food AB is a Swedish seafood company based in Falkenberg, renowned for its modern craftsmanship and high-quality products that combine premium quality with sustainability.

Since early 2023, Korshags has had a new majority owner in Ocean Collective AB, who have announced their intention to invest in a long-term growth strategy and transformation towards next-generation sustainable seafood.

Ocean Collective AB, now the majority owner of Korshags, aims to develop the company's potential by integrating sustainable and innovative solutions within the seafood industry.

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