Spain allocates more than €5.2M for a new oceanographic center

The new building will have an area of about 2,205 square meters.
Facilities of the Vigo Oceanographic Center (COV) in Cabo Estai, Galicia.

Facilities of the Vigo Oceanographic Center (COV) in Cabo Estai, Galicia.

© César Hernández

The Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities (MICIU) will allocate more than €5.2 million to build a new cultivation building at the Vigo (Galicia) Oceanographic Center of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO-CSIC).

The first step is to demolish the current cultivation building to replace it with another more modern and functional one. The new energy-efficient design will occupy a total area of approximately 2,205 m².

Currently, the IEO operates nine oceanographic centers including the Vigo Oceanographic Center. The purpose of these centers is to promote marine science research and expand scientific knowledge of the oceans.

Additionally, scientists study the sustainability of fishery resources, the development of sustainable marine aquaculture, and the respect and protection of the marine environment.

The IEO represents Spain in most international scientific and technological forums related to the sea and its resources.

During the Global Seafood Expo in Barcelona 2024, it was announced that Spain will hold the first Mediterranean restorative aquaculture center. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), this innovation and capacity-building centre will highlight the importance of restorative aquaculture for Blue Transformation in the region.

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