Stolt Sea Farm to ramp up with major flatfish hatchery expansion

Spanish-based company has begun work on expanding its sole hatchery in Galicia, which is already the world's largest flatfish hatchery.
Aerial view of Stolt Sea Farm's landbased sole facility in Cervo, Galicia, Spain.
Aerial view of Stolt Sea Farm's landbased sole facility in Cervo, Galicia, Spain.Photo: Stolt Sea Farm.

Land-based flatfish producer Stolt Sea Farm (SSF) has major plans to ramp up production over the next decade, and has officially begun expansion of its flagship sole hatchery located in Cervo, Galicia, Spain.

With an annual production capacity of 1,700 tonnes, the facility is already the world's largest flatfish hatchery. However, the company aims to double this capacity over the next three years.

Ultimately, SSF's total annual production target is 23,000 tonnes of turbot and sole by 2035.

The expansion initiative, which was unveiled in August 2023 and formally begun on 28 November, follows the recent completion of an extensive enlargement of SSF's sole broodstock facilities and forms an integral part of the company's overarching production growth strategy.

Aside from increasing production, the company expects to generate further employment opportunities within the local Cervo community, and the company says it affirms SSF's commitment to fostering economic growth in the region.

A "special moment" on the road to 23,000 tonnes by 2035

In a press release announcing the expanion, Jordi Trias, President of Stolt Sea Farm, called the initiative "a truly special moment for us all at Stolt Sea Farm".

"Expanding broodstock and hatchery capacity for sole is an essential milestone in our quest to continue as a leading producer of this species. It also demonstrates the confidence we have in the strength of our business and our commitment to satisfy our customers’ demand for high-quality, sustainable sole," he said.

​“I am extremely proud of the team that has worked hard to achieve this milestone. I’m convinced that the execution period ahead of us will be delivered with both passion and excellence, as is everything our people do at Stolt Sea Farm to ensure future generations continue to enjoy wonderful seafood," Trias added.

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