Olaisen Blue welcomes investors, startups, and aquaculture industry leaders for first annual Lovund Days

Olaisen Blue welcomes investors, startups, and aquaculture industry leaders for first annual Lovund Days

Olaisen Blue will host investors, startups, and aquaculture industry leaders for the first annual Lovund Days in Norway. Along with BioFeyn, they have invited the press to attend Lovund Days on 22 September for a Norwegian Innovation Showcase of investors, experts, and startups. The aim is to highlight the sustainable future of salmon aquaculture.

The event will be celebrated from 21-22 September. Firstly, an interactive Salmon School is designed to expose international investors to the industry. Secondly, during day two they will focus on the innovation coming out of Lovund and other regions of Norway.

Further, it will showcase the inaugural batch of Olaisen-accelerated companies, including BioFeyn, Probotic, and Undersee, while highlighting advancements in salmon farming and feeding. Nova Sea, Kvarøy, and the broader farming and feed community will support the program.

On the other hand, Olaisen Blue community start-ups will lead the science and technology program, alongside BioFeyn research partners. Moreover, there will be company presentations, and site visits to farms. Also, lectures on the market state of play, industry dynamics, and cutting-edge salmon farming innovations.

Finally, the event will count with senior executives and experts presentations from Nova Sea, Skretting, Polarfeed, Investinor, NCE Seafood, NCE Aquaculture, DNB Bank, Norwegian Seafood Council, Katapult Ocean, Hatch Blue, Olaisen Blue, BioFeyn, Innovasjon Norge, Kvarøy Arctic, Kystinkubatoren, KUPA, AquaNutrition, Revena, Probotic, Undersee, among others.

About Olaisen Blue

Olaisen Blue is accelerating the growth of aquaculture startups from the northern island of Lovund. As both an investor and accelerator, Olaisen Blue provides capital and piloting capabilities to innovative and sustainable aquaculture startups. This spring, Olaisen Blue hosted BioFeyn, Probotic, and Undersee at their headquarters in Lovund, also the home of NovaSea.

About BioFeyn

BioFeyn is a Boston-based, Olaisen, and Norwegian-backed biotechnology company pioneering new forms of nutrient delivery to improve efficiencies in salmon farming. Using proven advancements from human biomedicine, BioFeyn is maximizing the impact of often scarce or expensive ingredients to improve animal health, reduce resource use, and minimize waste.

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