Blumar Seafoods expands its presence in local Chilean market

Blumar Seafoods expands its presence in local Chilean market

Mercado Blumar will promote the consumption of local salmon

Blumar Seafoods presented the Mercado Blumar in the Magallanes Region, Chile. It is the company's first experience center in the country. Through this space, salmon will become closer to the communities. Further, it will carry out multiple culinary and educational activities with them in this space.

Above all, the market was designed and built with local and representative materials, such as lenga, and sheepskin. Also, with pieces made by local artisans, such as jonquil. In addition, its walls have recycled plastic slats, from waste from the salmon farming sector.

During the presentation, the general manager of Blumar, Gerardo Balbontín, said: "We have put all our efforts and dedication to build this space. The idea is to bring salmon closer to all our neighbors, to work together. So, Blumar continues to move towards a future sustainably, and with their communities".

Besides, Balbontín added: "Magallanes is part of the Blumar family. We are proud to celebrate the opening of Mercado Blumar together with all those who are part of the company. From those who process the products to those who work in the cultivation centers, everyone was essential to have achieved this project."

The inauguration was attended by the Secretary of State for the Economy and Business Support, Ruth Saieh, the mayor of Río Verde, Sabina Ballesteros, and representatives of tourism trade associations and communities with which Blumar has generated a bond in the last four years.

On the other hand, Blumar Seafoods reported in May how it is focusing on sustainability by reducing its carbon footprint. The use of antibiotics increased its ASC certifications for salmon, waste management, and the use of renewable energies.

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