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Those are listed in its 2022 Seafood Future Report

The Bumble Bee Seafood Company has launched its 2022 Seafood Future Report which shows a variety of strategic partnerships to protect the oceans and the people who rely on them for their livelihoods. Thereby, the Company makes its commitment clear to feeding a growing population.

Firstly, the report indicates that 71% of Bumble Bee’s seafood supply is now sustainable. The Global Sustainable Seafood Institute (GSSI) validated this certification. Secondly, it has extended its partnership with the GGGI to collect lost and abandoned fishing equipment. This is part of its 5-year one-million-dollar commitment to Ocean Conservancy.

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Besides, the Company has partnered with packaging equipment manufacturer R.A. Jones to make an industry-first change to our multipack can product packaging. The process consists in eliminating shrink wrap in favor of readily recyclable paperboard cartons,

Further, the report points out the incorporation as members of The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF). As well as the CGF Human Rights Coalition. Moreover, Bumble Bee Seafood and FCF created a special program for fishermen. These professionals have the opportunity to anonymously provide feedback to third-party NGOs on their working environment and vessel compliance.

Searching for healthy food and educational opportunities

Finally, the last partnership was announced in 2021 with The San Diego Foundation. This awards local black, indigenous, and people of color students with academic scholarships on an ongoing basis. Also, it joined Dole Packaged Foods to support the Sunshine for All Cities®. This program brings healthy food and educational opportunities to those who lack access.

In addition, Bumble Bee Seafood Company team members have participated in over 20 different coastal and community cleanups around the world. To prevent over 11,000 pounds of trash from reaching the oceans.

Regarding the report, Jan Tharp, who recently resigned as President and CEO of the Company said: “We debuted our Seafood Future report in 2020 as a way to hold our company accountable to continuing to work toward solutions in the areas of sustainable fishing, safe and fair labor practices, and improving the health of our oceans.”

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