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For reporting mortality after deadline

The Supreme Court of Chile has confirmed a fine to AquaChile for reporting mortality after the deadline. The farm where this happened is located in the Aysén Region.

Thereby, the Supreme Court rejected the appeal in the fund deducted against the sentence. It applied a fine of 150 UTM.

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According to the institution, the company did not timely report the mortality recorded between the 31st of December 2019, and the 11th of March 2020.

In more detail, the resolution indicates: “The tort has been defined by the doctrine. As ‘any difference existing to the detriment of the appellant. In the case of the final judgment, we can identify it by, mainly, the difference between what was requested in the application and response briefs, and what was granted in the judicial resolution.”

“That, in light of what has reasoned above, the cassation appeal on the merits deducted cannot prosper. So, must, therefore, be dismissed”, it concludes.

In the same line, the Chilean environment agency issued provisional measures against Multi X due to the use of chemicals.

About AquaChile

AquaChile is a Chilean company dedicated mainly to the aquaculture sector. The Company’s activities are divided into three business segments: Salmon and trout, tilapia and food. The salmon and trout division focuses on the farming, processing and distribution of Atlantic and coho salmon, as well as trout.

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The tilapia division is responsible for the cultivation of tilapia. The food division includes fish feed production. The Company maintains marine, river and lake aquaculture concessions on the Chilean and Costa Rican coast.

It exports products to the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Its subsidiaries are Aguas Claras SA, AquaChile Inc, Grupo ACI SA, Inversiones Salmones Australes Ltda, Salmones Maullin SA, Antarfood SA, and Alitec Pargua SA.

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