Egersund Net gets a new net-cleaning service station at Sandstrand

Egersund Net gets a new net-cleaning service station at Sandstrand

Egersund Net is a part of AKVA group

AKVA group, Egersund Net has announced that is finally started to launch a new net-cleaning service station at Sandstrand, Norway. As a result, the project will be completed early in January 2023.

The initial date was in May but it has been delayed due to difficult contract negotiations, price increases and longer delivery times. The company has informed a local sports team, IL Santor, that has already carried out some demolition work.

According to service manager Geir Henning Risholm, they will use IL Santor again on a couple of different small projects. In a few years, AKVA group, Egersund Net plans to have around 15 employees at Sandstrand.

"Through our best practice philosophy and thorough training, we shall offer strong professional service by skilled employees. In addition, we have a strong focus on the environment. With our methods and high-tech equipment, we will be running a sustainable facility," Risholm said.

AKVA group & Egersund Net

AKVA group and Egersund Net started with the production of nets in the early 1970s and became separate companies in 1996. In recent years, they have experienced enormous growth both in terms of turnover and the number of locations. Today, the company is a leading supplier of net technology, service, and equipment for the aquaculture industry.

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