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Nueva Pescanova Group has launched its first issue of Sustainability-Linked Promissory Notes in the Alternative Fixed Income Market (MARF) of up to 75 million euros. Thereby, it shows its commitment to guaranteeing the social and environmental sustainability of all its activities, including financial ones.

Previously, in 2021 the Group launched its first issuance of promissory notes in the Fixed Income Market. The program could have reached then a maximum of 50 million euros. Thus, it diversified its sources of financing while having flexible access to professional investors.

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Currently, with the renewal of the Promissory Notes Program, which gains the Sustainability-Linked Financing status, the company will continue to issue short-term debt with maturities of up to 24 months.

On the other side, this month Pescanova published its Reference Regulatory Framework for Financing Linked to Sustainability. In parallel with the company’s sustainability program, Pescanova Blue, and a series of Sustainable Development Goals. Some indicators with direct impact are defined as traceable raw materials and crew and fair employment.

Finally, the European Quality Assurance (EQA). carried the second party opinion certificate. After verifying its alignment with the Bond Principles linked to Sustainability.

Besides, Nueva Pescanova Group doubled its EBITDA and reached €1,087M, according to a results report published early this month.

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