Strategic cooperation between Bluefront companies

Strategic cooperation between Bluefront companies

Supplier companies Redox AS and Proff Kulde AS have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement to provide one of the most hygienic and energy-efficient storage solutions for stun and bleed vessels.

The cooperation will combine Redox's solutions for regulating water quality and hygiene with Proff Kulde's CO2-based RSW-system (refrigerated seawater) for cooling of fish.

Fish is first pumped into a stun and bleed vessel, where the fish is stunned and euthanized. After the fish has been bled out, it is moved to a refrigerated tank where it is stored until the fish is delivered to an onshore processing facility.

"Combining Redox and Proff Kulde's competence and technologies will allow us to deliver a more complete integrated solution that that in an energy-efficient way provides the best possible water and storage quality, with the associated cost savings this entails. At the end of the day, what really matters is the quality of the fish that enters the processing facility," says Jonas Bergman, managing director of Redox.

As part of the cooperation, Norway-based Redox will contribute with water purification system, oxygen system to reduce stress levels when crowding the fish, filter and UV system for treatment of inlet and discharge water, automatic cleaning system including ozone disinfection, plus logging system for monitoring and documentation of all processes.

"Cooperating with Redox will enable us to optimize biosecurity, water quality and temperature in an even more holistic and integrated manner, which will ensure top quality fish. We will achieve this with the smallest possible environmental footprint and lowest possible cost for the operator of the stun and bleed vessel," says Mathias Ingebrigtsen, managing director of Proff Kulde, which is headquartered in Svolvær, North Norway. 

Bluefront involvement

Both Redox and Proff Kulde are owned by seafood investor Bluefront Equity, which admits to playing a role in facilitating the cooperation between the two supplier companies.

"We place highly experienced industry experts on the board of directors of the companies we invest in. One of the board's and Bluefront Equity's most important functions is to support the company management in identifying new business development opportunities. This is exactly what we have achieved in this instance," says Kjetil Haga, partner at Bluefront Equity.

Former executive vice president of BioMar, Jan Sverre Røsstad, is chairman of Proff Kulde, while Nova Sea-owner Aino Olaisen is a member of the Redox board of directors.

About Bluefront Equity

Bluefront Equity is the only independent Nordic investor that focuses solely on the seafood industry. Bluefront Equity's first fund, Bluefront Capital I, primarily aims to invest in supplier companies that ensure increased traceability, better fish health and welfare, enhanced quality of the end-product, improved hygiene, and contributing towards digitizing the seafood industry.

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