UBS and Rockefeller join forces in new ocean investment fund

The UBS Rockefeller Ocean Engagement Fund seeks to provide financial returns and positive impact by engaging with companies that address ocean health issues, including sustainable aquaculture.
UBS and Rockefeller join forces in new ocean investment fund

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Investment bank UBS is collaborating with Rockefeller Asset Management in the launch of a new blue economy investment fund, the companies have announced.

The UBS Rockefeller Ocean Engagement Fund, actively managed and aligned with UBS's Chief Investment Office's blue economy long-term investment theme, targets investable markets valued at over USD 1.1 trillion. Key areas of focus include wastewater treatment, waste management and plastic recycling, and sustainable aquaculture.

"We continue to be strong supporters of shareholder engagement, and think it has the potential to both deliver positive change and improve profitability of companies," said Andrew Lee, Head of Sustainable & Impact Investing at UBS Global Wealth Management, in a press release.

"The new strategy allows us to have deeper impact on one of the key resources of our planet, and bring a stronger investment focus on the ocean, which remains relatively underfunded by investors," Lee added.

According to UBS, the new ocean engagement fund "encompasses a portfolio with around 50 high conviction stocks reflecting a small and mid-cap focus and value tilt. Its objective is to seek long-term real returns by pursuing a thematic strategy, primarily investing in public equities and equity-type securities, whilst creating positive change for ocean health via a consistent investment and shareholder engagement process."

As portfolio manager, Rockefeller will be undertaking the active investor engagement for the new fund, drawing on expertise through collaboration with its science and policy advisor, The Ocean Foundation.

“Leveraging Rockefeller’s 30-plus years of investment experience and distinctive network to bridge the gap between science and investing, we believe the UBS Rockefeller Ocean Engagement Fund is a compelling opportunity for investors seeking uncorrelated returns and ocean health impact via shareholder engagement," said Casey Clark, President and Chief Investment Officer at Rockefeller Asset Management.

“We are pleased that through our close collaboration with Rockefeller Asset Management we can offer our clients access to this major structural growth theme, using our innovative engagement framework," said Bruno Marxer, Head of Global Investment Management at UBS Global Wealth Management.

"Not only does it enable portfolio diversification in times of market uncertainty, but it offers exposure to multiyear growth prospects as the world seeks to transition toward more nature-aligned and equitable economic systems," Marxer added.

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