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The Dutch importer and processor, Visscher Seafood, has trading activities deal with the Norwegian arm of SalMar, Norway Royal Salmon (NRS). Full details are not available yet.

Visscher Seafood is one of the major processors and distributors of farmed salmon and whitefish from the North Atlantic Ocean. Today, as a part of their strategy, they have acquired the trading activities of Norway Royal Salmon (NRS) from SalMar.

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Thus, NRS ceased to be a company at the end of 2022, when SalMar acquired it. After the agreement, NRS became part of one of the world’s largest producers of farmed salmon from the Norwegian coast, SalMar.

This represents their third foreign investment in Visscher Seafood. According to CEO, Tim Brouwer, the acquisition fits perfectly in the corporate strategy of investing. It counts on the 3 main elements of the salmon value chain: aquaculture, processing, and international trade. “The company has a very strong supplier base with small and medium-sized farmers that were otherwise inaccessible to us.” An aspect that secures the raw material for the Dutch company.

Besides NRS is important in some markets unfeasible or where Visscher is relatively small. China, Japan, and South Korea are some examples. Visscher expects to double down on its total annual salmon volume, reaching approximately 50,00 tonnes thanks to the acquisition.

The assets will be transferred into a Norwegian subsidiary of Visscher through an asset purchase agreement. Furthermore, the export company will be rebranded to “Norwegian Seafood AS”.

About Seafood Visscher

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The Dutch company is the major processor and distributor of farmed salmon and whitefish from the North Atlantic ocean. They are well-known for their Organic salmon farms in Scotland and their sustainable farming concept in Norway where they control the salmon value chain from egg to plate. The company’s three fish processing plants use state-of-the-art technology to ensure premium quality seafood products.

About Norway Royal Salmon

NRS is a fish farming group, which offers salmon to the market through its own sales organization. They own 36 085 tonnes MAB for salmon farming located in Troms and Finnmark, 21 800 tonnes MAB for salmon farming, and 5 300 MAB for trout farming in Iceland through the company Arctic Fish. Besides, the group has a minority interest in two associated Norwegian fish farming companies which together own 9 fish farming licenses.

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