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After Government’s decision to renew salmon farming licenses

The Coalition of First Nations for Finfish Stewardship has thanked the Government of Canada for recognizing the rights and titles of Rightsholder Nations “who wish to pursue pathways for sustainable seafood production in their territories”. This comes after the Government’s decision to renew salmon farming licenses.

However, the coalition hoped for a longer license renewal term and has been disappointed by the consultation process. Besides, they will continue working to advance technologically in ways that are sustainable, and responsible. Also, in line with our Nations’ goals and values.

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Regarding this, they noted in a statement: “We are ready to begin this transition journey. To build a new path forward with both the governments of Canada and British Columbia. As well as the farming sector, to help lead Canada’s Blue Economy.”

Moreover, the group resorts again to science that says salmon farming does not cause a big risk to wild salmon. “We will look outward at other factors impacting Pacific salmon with our science, our traditional ecological data, and the invaluable knowledge passed to us by our Elders,” they concluded.

For instance, First Nations will take advantage of a transition process to build further capacity. Thereby, they will support Indigenous-led scientific monitoring, enhance wild salmon conservation work, and grow our vital Guardian Watchman programs.

Finally, they stated: “We take our responsibility seriously to govern our fisheries and be stewards of our lands and waters. We see today’s announcement as a crucial first step in our Nations reclaiming access to the management of aquatic resources in our territories.”

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