FISH Standard for Crew awards Alaska Pollock Fleets of At-Sea Processors Association

Alaska fishing boats. Photo by: Adobe Stock.
Alaska fishing boats. Photo by: Adobe Stock.

FISH Standard for Crew Inc. has awarded fourteen catcher-processor vessels to the At-Sea Processors Association (APA). MRAG Americas auditors awarded the certification. After doing extensive policy and procedure reviews, on-site vessel inspections, and face-to-face interviews of crew members.

The APA vessels are owned by its member companies, American SeafoodsArctic StormCoastal VillagesGlacier Fish, and Trident Seafoods. Further, the fleet is comprised of American flagged vessels operating in U.S. waters in the Alaska pollock and Pacific whiting fisheries.

Firstly, Stephanie Madsen, APA's Executive Director expressed the association's satisfaction: "We are very proud to be among the first to attain FISH certification. A recognition that affirms our companies' long-standing commitments to safety and responsible treatment of our crews. The FISH certification process was challenging, yet practical and fair. It pushed our fleet to improve on our already high standards."

Secondly, Fridrik Fridriksson, chair of the FISH's Board of Directors noted: "Congratulations to APA and its fleet. FISH serves as one tool harvesters like APA can use to demonstrate to their customers and to stakeholders that their seafood is harvested from responsible sources. With respect to crew treatment, compensation, and on-board conditions."

About FISH Standard for Crew

FISH Standard for Crew provides a voluntary, independent and accredited third-party certification program for labour practices on vessels in wild-capture fisheries around the globe. The FISH Standard is based on ILO-C188 and related guidance.

About APA

The At-sea Processors Association is a trade association representing five member companies. It owns 14 U.S.-flag catcher-processor vessels operating in the Bering Sea / Aleutian Islands Alaska pollock fishery. So,this abundant and well-managed fishery provides products for billions of seafood meals every year.

About MRAG Americas

MRAG Americas is a private consulting and auditing company. It focuses on activities that support the conservation of marine and freshwater ecosystems through responsible, rational, and sustainable use of fish and other aquatic resources. Also, they are an accredited Conformity Assessment Body, authorized to carry out FISH Standard for Crew assessments and certifications.

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