The vessel project of Austral Odyssey starts at full speed

Austral Fisheries will launch a state-of-the-art offshore longline vessel called Austral Odyssey by the end of 2025.
Austral Odyssey. Photo by: Austral Fisheries.
Austral Odyssey. Photo by: Austral Fisheries.

Austral Fisheries will launch a state-of-the-art offshore longline vessel called Austral Odyssey by the end of 2025. This vessel would be designed by Marin Teknikk and built by Baatbygg AS shipyard, both based in Norway.

David Carter, the CEO of Austral, stated, "It is another historic moment in Austral's 50-year journey." Additionally, he explained that "sustainable fishing, while mitigating environmental impacts above and below the water, has never been more crucial. This project serves as a testament to that and to the tireless efforts of countless Austral employees over time, demonstrating shareholder confidence in the future of our Glacier 51 Toothfish brand."

The Austral Odyssey is set to undertake its inaugural voyage in 2025, being a significant milestone for the company. This vessel's construction signifies the company's second new build in five years, following Baatbygg AS's oversight of the Cape Arkona project, which was completed in 2020.

However, there will be significant differences in this new model from its predecessor and others within the industry. The Austral Odyssey design boasts a length of 68.55 meters, making it one of the largest and most technologically advanced vessels in its class. They tailor all these innovations to their intended use: the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified Patagonian toothfish fishery in the Heard and McDonald Islands, an area known for its challenging fishing conditions.

Digging into the ship's innovations

"The design's state-of-the-art features aim at optimizing fishing efficiency in all conditions while setting a new standard for sustainable fishing practices, crew comfort, and safety. We eagerly anticipate welcoming her into our fleet," remarked Theo Verios, Austral's Southern Fleet General Manager. He played a role in the past Cape Arkona project and would divide his time between Australia and Norway throughout the construction of the Odyssey.

Among the noteworthy details provided by the company about the Odyssey is its advanced hybrid propulsion system, which will result in energy savings thanks to the integrated battery to reduce the load and a two-step gearbox. This innovation will also reduce emissions and further enhance fuel efficiency.

Additionally, the design includes increased tank capacity to accommodate the potential for future renewable fuels with lower energy density, such as methanol. Finally, Austral details that the Odyssey vessel will equip itself for in-sea value-added production of the company's premium Glacier 51 Toothfish brand, certified by the MSC.

About Austral Fisheries

Austral Fisheries, a leading Australian commercial fishing company, operates in various fisheries. Some of the includes the Northern Prawn Fishery, Northern Territory Demersal Snapper Fishery, and the sub-Antarctic 'HIMI' Patagonian Toothfish and Icefish fishery. They are pioneers in sustainability, having supported the MSC since 1997. Furthermore, they achieving carbon-neutral certification in 2016 under the Australian Government's 'Climate Active' program. Kailis Fisheries Holdings in Australia and Maruha Nichiro Corporation in Japan jointly own Austral.

About Baatbygg AS

With a rich history spanning over 80 years, Baatbygg has firmly established itself as one of Norway's premier shipyards. Specializing in conversion, repairs, new builds, and maintenance of vessels across diverse industries. Baatbygg stands as a leader in the field.

About Marin Teknikk

Marin Teknikk, established in 1981, has firmly established itself as a leading vessel design company. Headquartered in Norway, the company offers a comprehensive range of services that cover every aspect, from newbuild vessel design to marine computing design, project management, vessel assessments, and testing.

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