Hima Seafood obtains full financing to build the “world’s largest trout farm”

Hima Seafood obtains full financing to build the “world’s largest trout farm”

Hima Seafood has fully succeeded in financing the construction of the world's largest trout farm located in Rjukan, Norway. The facility has been designed by Eyvi and will be constructed by Total Betong.

In more detail, the company has confirmed WeAreAquaculure that the funding came from two global infrastructure funds with a high sustainability focus. Also, it has been secured by a Swedish-based debt fund.

"In addition to that, we have great support from the founders of Hima. They have also contributed with further investments," the statement says.

The reason for choosing Rjukan is due to its cold water temperature all year round, ideal for consistent production. Moreover, for its pristine quality. It comes directly from Hardangervidda and Møstvatn, reducing the need for expensive purification processes.

Osland Stamfisk will supply Hima with optimal genetics to produce premium trout, based on the Osland strain. This is the name of broodstock developed in 1963. Osland represents unique genetics well suited for land-based RAS production and is recognized as one of the most established trout broodstocks.

Finally, Hima Seafood is working together with Villa Seafood on the sale of the trout. Thereby, the product will be delivered head-on gutted to Villa Seafood where they will further process the fish into loins, filets, and any other product that the customers are looking for.

Regarding this, CEO Sten Falkum stated: "I am particularly proud that we have succeeded in developing a model – which is not the cheapest – but the best. The reason why Rjukan is the place is that here we have access to fresh, high-quality water. It is important for the taste of the trout. In addition, proximity to the market, access to process expertise, and green, affordable energy."

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