Noray presents its campaign “Stories between Sea and Land”

    Noray, the brand of ultra-fresh and sustainable shrimp from Medina del Campo, Spain, presented today its “Stories between Sea and Land” campaign. Through the testimony of different team members, customers, and suppliers, the pioneering company in sustainable aquaculture wants to show not only how they have become a benchmark business in the sector, but above all, how this model affects the people who make it possible and the community where it is based. The campaign, which comprises a total of 8 videos, has unveiled today the first of them and, in the style of a TV series, will unveil a new story every week.

    Commitment to the environment

    True to its name (in Spanish “noray” is the word for “bollard”), it was clear to the company from the beginning that, although they were a shrimp producer, they wanted to be tied to the land where their farm is located, Medina del Campo, central Spain, 300 km from the nearest coast. Therefore, its innovative microbial technology system, which perfectly recreates the natural habitat of the shrimp, achieving a product of the highest quality and freshness, is not the only pillar on which Noray relies. Its sustainable production model, based on the principles of the circular economy, goes further. The company also sets other objectives such as minimizing the carbon footprint, both in transport and packaging, and in waste recycling; or supporting its community, promoting rural development, both with jobs on the farm and by supporting local suppliers. With this series of videos, Noray aims to tell the world just that, the positive impact that its activity has on the daily life of Medina del Campo, its community.

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    Week by week (starting next week there will be a new video every Wednesday), the series will tell us how the brand has impacted the environment. Team members, customers, and suppliers will tell the stories and anecdotes shared with the brand that have ended up creating a bond between them. “Since it opened its doors more than a decade ago, Noray has transmitted day by day to its environment the passion, commitment, perseverance and the importance of teamwork, being able to create a big family with a unique project in the world”, says the company in its statement and, judging by the preview of the first video, it seems that they have succeeded.

    First video of Noray’s “Stories between Sea and Land” series.

    The people behind the Brand

    Although the ‘Noray family’ is much larger, the video series will have a total of seven protagonists. Of those who work within the company, we will learn the story of Pierre Bozolla, their Facility Manager “with a sailor’s soul”. The son of sailors, both father and mother, Pierre has the sea in his blood and is proud of how they have succeeded in bringing him inland. “We know we are pioneers in our sector because we use a system that is unique in the world”, says the manager of the Medina del Campo farm.

    We will also meet Paula Esteban, whose first challenge in the company was to obtain the ASC award, a certification that recognizes the sustainable and responsible production of farmed seafood products. She succeeded and is the Sustainability and Quality Manager now. According to the company, she is the union of passion, sustainability, and perseverance that characterizes the brand, although she sums it up with a simple: “Noray’s philosophy is different from the rest”. The employee testimonials close with Sebastián Díaz, Sales Manager, who together with his team is largely responsible for the notoriety and strength that the brand has been gaining. Sebastián sums up in a single sentence the whole idea behind this campaign: “At Noray we want people to know that the best shrimp are raised in Valladolid”.

    Very close to them, also in Medina del Campo, is José Sobejano, manager of the Sobejano printing company, in charge of producing all kinds of information materials. Noray claims that the image they show to the world is the result of the work that José and his team carry out every day. He replies: “Noray helps us not only to grow economically, but also to keep up to date in the sector and to be more competitive”. Thanks to these informative materials printed by José, Noray was able to meet Jerónimo Sánchez, head of Supermercados Plaza and their first customer. This supermarket chain in Madrid always opts for suppliers with a philosophy similar to its own, i.e., who have a lot of respect for the product, such as the company’s fresh and eco-friendly shrimp.

    The same philosophy is shared by the chef Roberto Ruíz, very aware of the traceability of the products he uses, also seeks suppliers that offer high-quality raw materials and proximity. “They are the best shirmp we can have because they have characteristics that are unique”, he says. His relationship with Noray was, according to the brand, “love at first sight” and that is why he is one of their visible faces after being recently appointed Brand Ambassador. And last but not least, the series includes the testimony of another chef, Marc Segarra, another example of the company’s proximity philosophy too. Both have their homes in the province of Valladolid and their symbiotic relationship goes beyond gastronomic barriers. “With Noray, we have that one-to-one bond, something very nice and we understand that this is the way we have to continue”, says the Michelin-starred chef.

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    Stronger together

    The Spanish saying for “there is strength in numbers” is “la unión hace la fuerza” which, if translated literally, could be something like “stronger together”. At Noray they are convinced that this is the way forward and, for the moment, it has helped them to position themselves as a benchmark product in terms of freshness and flavor, sustainability and quality.

    Founded in 2008, Noray offers a 100% natural shrimp, respectful of its environment, and Spanish origin, which has been awarded the highest possible score (3 stars) in the prestigious Superior Taste Award 2022. After years of investment in R&D, the shrimp brand from Medina del Campo, Valladolid, Spain, is a benchmark for sustainable aquaculture in Europe due to the 100% vertical integration of all its production processes. Processes that have served to achieve ASC certification, make it the first indoor shrimp farm in the world to obtain this certification. Two months ago, the company announced an investment of €16M to accelerate its expansion plans for sustainable indoor shrimp farming in Spain.

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