Norcod gets the green light for new production site

The Norwegian cod farming company continues expansion with new site in Nordland, northern Norway, boosting total biomass capacity to 17,500 metric tonnes.
Norcod expands with new Nordland farming site. Photo: Norcod.
Norcod expands with new Nordland farming site. Photo: Norcod.

Norwegian cod farming company Norcod continues to expand its operations, with the news it has now been granted permission for a new production site in Nordland, northern Norway.

The new facility will be located in Bjørnvika, Nesna municipality. The company has been granted permission to grow a total maximum allowed biomass (MAB) of 3,599 metric tonnes of cod at the site.

The new location boosts Norcod's existing production capacity in the area, forming a "production cluster" with its existing nearby site at Labukta in Norway. Taken together, the two sites will able to produce up to 7,200 tonnes of cod biomass per year.

New facility takes Norcod total production capacity to 17,500 tonnes

The new site will be equipped with state-of-the-art aquaculture technology, driving sustainable production while emphasising welfare for both fish and employees, the company said.

"Setting up a new location is always an exciting process especially given our motivation to provide a healthy source of protein to an eager market. We have a highly skilled production team with many years of combined experience so I anticipate this will be a smooth and efficient process," said Norcod CEO Christian Riber.

With the addition of the new Bjørnvika site, Norcod boosts its number of coastal production sites to a total of six, holding 24 licenses with a combined MAB of 17,500 metric tonnes.

The company has announced it is now providing harvest-ready cod from its third cycle, and is also completing the process of stocking its fourth cycle of cod for its sea phase during the current quarter.

Creating aquaculture jobs in remote coastal communities

Both Norcod and the Nesna local authority are satisfied with the development, with Norcod benefitting from good environmental conditions for its farming facilities, while the remote coastal municipality will be boosted by creation of additional jobs and revenues.

"Norcod has been very well received by Nesna municipality, which we highly appreciate, and we look forward to continuing our excellent cooperation. We will keep on working together successfully in the future. We consider this second site in Nesna also to be perfectly suited for cod farming with good water depth, water temperature and currents. I am confident our fish will thrive here," says .

"Nesna municipality is very happy that Norcod has received approval for a new location for cod farming in Nesna. Norcod is well established in the municipality and contributes to activity and jobs, which are very important to us as a district municipality in transition. We congratulate Norcod on approval for cod farming in Bjørnvika and wish them luck," said local mayor Hanne Davidsen.

In a press statement, the company said that "good community relations are integral to Norcod's strong commitment to responsible farming of premium product.

"Our ambition is to contribute not only to the industrial base of the coastal municipalities in which we are active, but also to support employment opportunities and ensure sustainable operations with minimal impact to the environment," Riber added.

About Norcod

Norcod AS' core business is commercial sea farming of cod but through ownership and partnerships is involved in the entire value chain. Norcod's existing fish farms are located in Central and Northern Norway with ideal production conditions for cod. The company is contributing to blue ocean value creation with minimal impact on the environment while supporting local communities. Norcod is listed on Oslo's Euronext Growth market.

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