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Coast Seafood has announced the acquisition of Vega Salmon, a well-managed company with a workforce of 400 to 600 employees and annual revenues of DKK 1.3 billion. Vega Salmon, headquartered in Kolding, Denmark, operates a processing facility in Handewitt, Germany, and has a production capacity of around 25,000 metric tons of salmon per year.

The acquisition of Vega Salmon is part of Coast Seafood’s strategy to expand its presence in the entire seafood value chain. The CEO of Coast Seafood, Sverre Søraa, said that the acquisition of Vega Salmon positions the company well to increase sales of processed salmon globally.

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The previous owner of Vega Salmon, Maj Invest, believes that Coast Seafood has the necessary industrial expertise and global reach to secure further growth for the company. Søren Holm Tøth, Director Maj Invest Equity A/S, said “we are confident that Coast Seafood will be an excellent owner of Vega Salmon.”

Jakob Graasbøll Enemark, CEO Vega Salmon, said that the company is excited to become a part of Coast Seafood and they have been impressed by their attention to quality and sustainable operations, as well as their professionalism. He also added that Vega and Coast is a good match both with respect to values and culture.

About Coast seafood

Coast Seafood is a global provider of seafood products, exporting over 100,000 tonnes of seafood annually to 80 markets worldwide. Based in Måløy, Norway, the company operates offices and facilities in Bergen, Berlevåg, Kjøllefjord, and on the US East Coast.

About Vega Salmon

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Founded in 2004, Vega Salmon has locations in southern Denmark and northern Germany, strategically placed between Atlantic fish farms and cooling disks around the globe. Vega Salmon is a company that specializes in processing high-quality seafood products for retailers, wholesalers, food service, and the food industry worldwide.

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