Regal Springs partners Ace Aquatec to improves global welfare standards for tilapia

Regal Springs partners Ace Aquatec to improves global welfare standards for tilapia

Through the Humane Stunner Universal System (HSU)

Regal Springs and Ace Aquatec had entered into a partnership to introduce in-water, high-welfare solutions into their main tilapia processing facilities after successful trials in Mexico. The pilot is called Humane Stunner Universal System (HSU).

Thereby, the agreement will focus on harvesting the tilapia and address the growing consumers' demands for responsibly sourced aquatic foods. The initial plans become real when Ace Aquatec was awarded £1 million in funding from the Humane Slaughter Association.

Also, Nautilus Collaboration and The Centre for Responsible Seafood (TCRS) will collaborate to provide full EEG results to certification bodies. Validating the unconsciousness of fish. Further, helping to provide regulators with the evidence to advocate for welfare improvements across the supply chain.

Regarding this partnership, Nathan Pyne-Cater, CEO of Ace Aquatec said: "Regal Springs presented us with a unique challenge to create a bespoke product for them in the rural depths of Mexico. Together we created a stunning system that puts fish welfare at the forefront of their operations. This represents the beginning of a general acceleration across fish farming, and the wild sector linking welfare at harvest, with the economic value."

On the other hand, Petra Weigl, Regal Springs' Managing Director for Europe stated: "Sustainability has been at the heart of our business. Our new technology ensures better treatment of the fish. Also, helps deliver a superior quality product through reduced stress levels in the catchment process."

About Regal Springs

Regal Springs is the number one producer of premium tilapia. It acts as a full solutions provider to retail and food service customers. Its 'We Care' sustainability program now spans a host of community and environmental welfare projects, indirectly supporting as many as 100,000 people.

About Ace Aquatec

Ace Aquatec partners with world-leading experts in different scientific fields to apply breakthrough technological developments to aquaculture and marine industries.

It was co-founded in 1999 by inventor John Ace Hopkins and investor Annette Pyne-Carter. As They saw the potential technological innovation could have in accelerating the adoption of responsible fish farming practices.

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