Spanish Angulas Aguinaga presents its first plant-based seafood product

With the collaboration of the Barcelona-based company Vrave, formerly known as Grin Grin Foods.
The vegan squid rings are sold under its Aguinamar brand.

The vegan squid rings are sold under its Aguinamar brand.

Vrave LinkedIn profile

Angulas Aguinaga with the collaboration of Barcelona-based Vrave, formerly known as Grin Grin Foods, has presented its first vegan squid rings under under its Aguinamar brand.

According to a statement published on its LinkedIn profile, Vrave confirms this product has been designed to meet the growing consumer demands for more sustainable options and involves a significant advancement in offering innovative and high-quality food.

In addition, the specialist in the plant-based sector underlines the importance of these partnerships to promote a continuous learning and adaptation environment, which is key to staying competitive in dynamic and globalized markets.

Finally, Vrave thanks the team of Angulas Aguinaga and KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub, an educational program that promotes entrepreneurship spirit through innovation methodologies and regenerative and healthier nutrition.

Countries like Canada already offer plant-based seafood products like the Konscious Foods frozen sushi, launched in 2023. The Vancouver-based company is improving the nutritional content of its existing seafood-alternative products, including increased protein and vitamin integration of Omega-3 fatty acids.

About Angulas Aguinaga

Angulas Aguinaga is a multinational food company that aims to revolutionize consumer-oriented nutrition with innovative, high-quality products.

The Spanish company bases its business model on a constant commitment to innovation, providing new and improved solutions to the food market and consumers.

The group comprises more than 800 professionals spread across 7 workplaces in Spain and Italy.

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