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The company has focused on investing in new ships, technology and equipment for sea and land

During the presentation of the 2021 results of Samherj hf., CEO Þorstein Más Baldvinsson stated that the company is planning to invest up to 60 billion ISK (€430 million) in fish farming projects in the coming years.

Samherj hf. announced the profit from its activities in 2021 after taxes (without the influence and capital gains of affiliates) was 5.5 billion ISK. While the previous year’s profit was 4.5 billion ISK. To sum up, the group’s profit in 2021 was a total of 17.8 billion ISK compared to 7.8 billion in 2020.

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In addition, shares in affiliated companies were sold and the book profit amounted to 7.1 billion ISK. The biggest weight is the sale of a 12% stake in Síldarvällúnn hf. A share in the performance of affiliates also had a positive effect on the profit for the year.

On the other hand, the number of annual works during the year was 807, which is, so to speak, the same number compared to the previous year.

In the same vein, Már Baldvinsson noted: “We faced many challenges in 2021, like every year. I still have to say that what stands out, as always, is the endless ambition, hard work and resourcefulness of Samherji’s staff.”

Besides, a new ship, the Vilhelm Þorsteinsson EA11, joined the fleet in April. “We have spent about 35 billion for this in the last five years. We believe that in this way it is possible to withstand international competition. Also, offer interesting and challenging jobs in this country,” he explained.

Vilhelm Þorsteinsson EA 11 – Samherji hf.

Finally, Már Baldvinsson confirmed: “We at Samherja have a lot of faith in land fires. But all construction is hugely expensive. That is why it is of the utmost importance that the company is as financially strong as ever. The consolidated financial statements show that this is the case.”

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About Samherj hf.

Samherji hf., founded in 1983, operates intensive fishing, land development, and aquaculture in Iceland. The company’s products are produced under the brand name ICE FRESH SEAFOOD. Then, the sales company Samherja Ice Fresh Seafood is responsible for bringing them to the customers.

Samherji’s goal is to work in the best possible harmony with its environment. It promotes the sustainable use of fish stocks and good handling of the ocean’s resources. Samherji’s strategy is to maximize the use of raw materials and energy. The goal is to increase the use of environmentally friendly energy, to promote environmentally friendly operations at all stages of production and to produce healthy quality products.

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