Anolytech and Redox team up for biosecure aquaculture and fisheries

    “This strategic cooperation agreement underlines our continuous efforts to offer the fishery and aquaculture industries the best possible solutions for improved biosecurity and fish welfare” said Bergman

    Anolytech seeks to replace harmful chemicals with a sustainable alternative, and Redox’s technology has the solution. Therefore, the collaboration between the two companies could lead to breakthroughs.

    Redox is a Norwegian company that provides systems that improve the welfare and biosecurity of fish in the aquaculture industry. Among the features that set it as a leader in aquaculture is the production of oxygen and ozone.

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    These ozone systems improve the quality of the water. They are used for disinfection in various parts of the value chain, such as the water intake at land-based aquaculture facilities. Thus, the company has developed a complete water purification and hygiene system for well boats and stun-and-bleed vessels.

    “This strategic cooperation agreement underlines our continuous efforts to offer the fishery and aquaculture industries the best possible solutions. As Improving biosecurity and fish welfare, with the smallest possible environmental footprint”, said Jonas Bergman, managing director of Redox.

    Meanwhile, the Swedish company Anolytech has developed a technical solution that makes it possible to produce its disinfectant “AnoDes” in situ, where it is to be used. This sanitizer is capable of eliminating bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, fungus bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and spores through environmentally friendly disinfection of water and surfaces.

    “The interest in sustainable technology solutions is increasing. We expect to be part of driving this change together with Redox,” says Sandra Lindström, managing director of Anolytech.

    In this collaboration, Redox will offer Anolytech’s technology as part of its supply systems to the fish farming and fisheries sectors. In addition, Redox will offer Anolytech’s products independently.

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    About Redox

    Redox’s headquarter is based in Averøy municipality in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. Therefore the company is part of the seafood investor Bluefront Equity, which is the only independent Nordic investor that focuses solely on the seafood industry.

    About Anolytech

    Anolytech is focusing on replacing harmful chemicals with sustainable alternatives. Currently working in Europe, the company has an opportunity to make a positive impact in reducing environmental impact. Moreover, their market segments include all areas where environmentally friendly disinfection technology could be particularly beneficial. The ocean-based industries, agriculture, the food industry, hotels and property, the public sector, and healthcare are some of them.

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