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Swiss Blue Salmon and DANTECH are entering into a strategic partnership focused on value creation and improving the sustainability profile. The main goal is to design a solution that will capture and upcycle valuable resources that normally would go lost at many other processors. The company expects to have more than 1’000mt side streams annually from the in-house processing plant.

Picture caption, appx. breakdown of valuable side streams – SBS

Firstly, the founder and CEO of Swiss Blue Salmon, Rudolf Ryf, commented in a press release that they spent two years growing the salmon to its harvest weight. “It would be almost unethical if we didn’t strive towards utilizing as much of it as possible. We, therefore, need to go back to our roots and focus our efforts on utilizing the fish from head to tail. This furthermore aligns with our vision of reducing food waste as a whole.”

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Besides, Sune Møller, CTO at SBS, mentioned that “sustainability is at the core of our values. We continuously strive to find new ways of reducing the footprint of our final products. Building upon the learnings of others is critical. So, choosing a strategic partner like DANTECH with their 40 years of experience was key,” she added.

Side streams

Separating the side streams at each step enables a vaster variety of high-value side products, SBS explained in a press release. Also, it saves costs from losses, manpower, having to separate downstream and treating pollution.

Thereby, DANTECH will work with the Swiss Blue Salmon choosing processing equipment designers and suppliers. This will transform capturing and sidestream processing into an integrated part of the factory design installation. Finally, the sidestream processing areas are delivered by DANTECH as a complete turnkey solution.

“We work with Swiss Blue Salmon on fully automated sidestream capturing, and complete processing solutions to the determined quality and market segments,” says Kristina Joensen, CEO at DANTECH. “We look forward to the strategic partnership. Also designing and implementing new innovative solutions for and with Swiss Blue Salmon,” concluded.

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