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Jumbo will sell its premium shrimp

The Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) has expanded its presence in the Chilean market by including its premium shrimp with retail giant Jumbo, under the Cuisine&Co brand.

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council certified the SSP’s product. Thus, there is no use of antibiotics, has a neutral impact on water, and is fully traceable.

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The package of shrimp has a QR that gives key information on its journey. From farm to fork, to verify where, when, who, and how the shrimp was farmed and processed. So, they can trust the quality and sustainability
profile of the product.

Moreover, SSP confirmed this information is available thanks to a traceability app connected to IBM Food Trust. This is a platform that provides traceability of food through blockchain technology.

Regarding this, Rodrigo Laniado, SSP Founding Member and CEO from Songa said: “Through our traceability tool, consumers have the opportunity to know our story. Also, demonstrate compliance with the highest quality and sustainability standards.”

On the other hand, María Paz Hasenohr Santa María, Regional Brand Manager from Cencosud noted: “We are thrilled to introduce SSP shrimp to the Chilean consumer. SSP provides Ecuadorian premium quality shrimp that have been raised sustainably with care for the selective Jumbo shopper.”

Finally, Pamela Nath, SSP Director commented on the importance of this kind of collaboration. “We are pleased to work with partners like Jumbo. They are committed to improving consumers’ choice for healthy and sustainable seafood,” she commented.

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About Sustainable Shrimp Partnership

The Sustainable Shrimp Partnership is a group of leading companies that want to transform the future of shrimp aquaculture.

Pioneered in Ecuador, members of the SSP want to achieve and promote, the highest quality products, produced to the highest social and environmental standards, through greater collaboration and transparency.

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