Maritech and Samherji partner to streamline fillet failure identification

Maritech and Samherji have an agreement to install a Maritech Eye™ at their processing plant in Akureyri.
Sunneva Ósk Guðmundsdóttir. Photo by: Maritech.
Sunneva Ósk Guðmundsdóttir. Photo by: Maritech.

Maritech and UA Samherji have an agreement to install a Maritech Eye™ at their processing plant in Akureyri in Iceland. Thus, the product that pursued by the two companies was a system that would find the basic defects in the fillets.

"UA/Samherji has led the way in this project the whole time and has been pioneering the commercial utilization of this technology in whitefish processing. We are grateful for our cooperation, and we are confident we can make a great difference and create considerable value for Samherji," said Konrad Hatlemark Olavsson, Maritech Iceland.  

Maritech explained in its communiqué that both companies have been working on a business model that has yielded excellent results. They also reported that Maritech's first unit is now ready to be integrated into one of its process lines in Iceland.

"For the last months we have been developing, with Maritech, a system that focuses on finding the main defects in fillets; blood spots, nematodes, gaping, black lining and shape deviations. The objective has been to identify the fillets that require no trimming and thus can go directly to portioning. This gives considerably more yield in production and reduces the manual workload for pre-trimming," said Sunneva Ósk Guðmundsdóttir, Production Manager UA.

This initial step marks the beginning of a larger plan. A plan which involves expanding the delivery system to encompass the entirety of the company's processing operations.

About Samherji

Founded in 1983, Samherji is one of Iceland's largest fishing companies, specializing in intensive fishing, land development, and aquaculture. Thus, Samherji operates under the brand ICE FRESH SEAFOOD and distributes its products to customers through Samherja Ice Fresh Seafood. The company's core focus is promoting sustainable fish populations and responsible ocean resource management.

About Maritech

Maritech is a globally well-known provider of cutting-edge software and IoT solutions for seafood and logistics businesses. Thus, their comprehensive range of offerings includes trading, production, processing, analytics, TMS, and other related services. For this reason, Maritech's distinctive combination of seafood and technological know-how has earned them worldwide recognition. They have established primary offices in North America and Norway, with a large network of locations.

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