Mowi collaborator Tidal is one of TIME Magazine's top 200 "best inventions"

AI aquatech firm Tidal, owned by Google parent company Alphabet, is collaborating with Mowi, with 230 of its AI-based systems installed across Norway.
Tidal is owned by Google parent company Alphabet.
Tidal is owned by Google parent company Alphabet.Photo: Tidal.

An AI-based underwater technology developed by aquatech firm Tidal in collaboration with Mowi has been included in this year's TIME list of the world's 200 best inventions.

Tidal is owned by Google parent company Alphabet. Combining AI, machine learning and machine perception, Tidal’s system is able to track and model fish behaviours, environmental conditions, and the health of salmon over time.

The system enables aquaculture producers to identify sea-lice infestations at an early stage, enabling less invasive treatment for the affected fish, as well as increase feed efficiency through more acculate tracking and calculation, reducing waste.

Tidal working with Mowi since 2017

Tidal has been working in collaboration with Mowi's research and development team since 2017 on development of its underwater system.

This year, Tidal's technology has been implemented at 230 Mowi sites across Norway to enable tracking of fish behaviour, environmental conditions and salmon health.

"It is a pleasure to continue our work with Mowi to innovate around new ways to understand what happens below the surface of the water and to give the industry new tools to make more sustainable, cost-effective decisions", said Tidal's CEO Neil Davé.

During the summer, announcing its partnership with technology firm Cognizant, Tidal said it was making the platform more widely available to the global aquaculture industry, helping aquaculture companies "make more intelligent decisions, build more resiliency into their operations, and run more efficiently in a strict regulatory environment."

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