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Thai Union Group PCL CEO Thiraphong Chansiri has been appointed Chair of the Board of Directors of the Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship (SeaBOS). This is a joint initiative that looks to strengthen sustainable practices within the seafood industry.

Therefore, Chansiri succeeds Skretting CEO Therese Log Bergjord as Chair. On the other hand, Helene Ziv-Douki, President of Cargill Aqua Nutrition, will replace Chansiri as Vice-Chair of SeaBOS.

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“I’m incredibly honored to become Chair of SeaBOS. The opportunity to continue the collaboration we enjoy to move the SeaBOS mission forward. Delivering strategies and initiatives that protect the world’s oceans. Also, ensure fisheries are sustainable and protect workers across the entire industry,” Chansiri said.

Finally, he ended: “The unique science-based approach of SeaBOS allows us to develop solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing the seafood industry. Combined with our reach, together we can pursue significant change. Not only grounded in scientific evidence but which can then be implemented on a global scale.”

Enriching collaborations

Since its launch in 2016, the unique partnership has developed into a powerful model of cooperation to advance ocean stewardship. Not only in their operations but throughout the entire seafood sector.

SeaBOS consists of ten of the largest seafood producers in the world. Engaged in wild capture fisheries, aquaculture, and feeds, with companies based in Europe, North America, and Asia. Together, they collaborate with science to implement a joint vision to develop more sustainable seafood production and improved ocean health.

Firstly, the members include Maruha Nichiro Corporation, Nissui, Thai Union, Mowi, Dongwon Industries, Cermaq, Cargill Aqua Nutrition, Nutreco/Skretting, CP Foods, and Kyokuyo. Key scientific partners are the Stockholm Resilience Centre, the Beijer Institute for Ecological Economics at the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, the University of Lancaster, and the Stanford Centre for Ocean Solutions.

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The scientific work is funded by the Walton Family Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

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