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Thai Union has entered a partnership with a global, US-registered nonprofit organization, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), to improve supply chain transparency. The agreement will allow ongoing audits of the Thai Union’s supply chains.

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

In addition, the seafood giant will also remain engaged at SFP roundtables critical to the company’s supply chains. Also, Thai Union will continue and deepen its participation in the Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP). The ODP is a global platform for voluntary disclosure of seafood sourcing.

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The SFP’s Seafood Metrics permit companies to improve the monitoring, transparency, and traceability of their supply chains. As well as assess and monitor its global wild and farmed supply chains. The system aggregates and tracks information on governance quality. Besides, it targets stock health, human rights risks, and environmental impacts in a company’s source fisheries.

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