The Pelham Small Cap Fund buys up to 11% ownership in Atlantic Sapphire

Flock of trouts swimming in the pond. Photo: Adobe Stock.
Flock of trouts swimming in the pond. Photo: Adobe Stock.

A total shareholding of 14,035,908 shares

The Pelham Long/Short Small Cap Master Fund Ltd has been allocated 7,207,317 shares in Atlantic Sapphire ASA private placement. The price per share is NOK 20.50.

In other words, a total shareholding of 14,035,908 shares which represents 10.02%. The new shares in the private placement (including the second tranche approved by the EGM) have been reflected in the number of shares in the issue.

The Pelham Small Cap Fund is a collective undertaking controlled by the Investment Manager, Pelham Capital Ltd. This last has discretionary authority for the management of another collective undertaking. Besides, it holds 1,420,155 shares, which did not participate in the private placement.

In aggregate Pelham, Capital Ltd exercises control over 15,456,063 shares outstanding. Also, voting rights of 11.03 % of Atlantic Sapphire ASA.

About Atlantic Sapphire

Atlantic Sapphire started building its first Bluehouse in the small village of Hvide Sande, Denmark. Since then, it invented and refined our technology — and raised exquisite salmon in the process.

Therefore, its fish are born, raised, and processed in one place. The company have placed its Bluehouses in the largest salmon markets in the world.

Today, it produces ocean-safe, sustainable seafood in Denmark, and Homestead, Florida. Its local-to-you brands deliver sustainable, ocean-safe salmon across North America and Europe.

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