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The Seaweed Company will expand their seaweed farms and bring more seaweed products to the European market. The investment includes an ongoing collaboration with minority shareholder Colruyt Group.

The aim of this is to scale up the company. Besides, making a more positive impact in the field of sustainable agriculture and food transition. The Dutch start-up offers animal feed supplements, food products, and biostimulants, natural products. All this positively influence the growth, quality, and resistance of crops.

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Last year, seaweed products have become part of the Blue Farming and Blue Health concepts. Thereby, these products contribute to the health and well-being of people and support the transition to a sustainable diet.

“From Colruyt Group, we see a lot of potential in seaweed. It is extremely versatile. It can be used in food, animal feed, fertilizers, and even as an alternative to plastic in packaging,” Stefan Goethaert, responsible for Colruyt Group’s agricultural policy, confirmed.

“We are therefore investing in The Seaweed Company because we are convinced that they can provide sustainable solutions in various sectors. From agriculture to packaging, thanks to their expertise in developing innovative products based on seaweed,” he concluded.

Other countries of the European community, such as Spain, are also studying the benefit of algae as a future sustainable element in the industry.

About The Seaweed Company

The Seaweed Company specializes in the development of high-quality, high-value seaweed products for people, animals, soil, and plants. Also in the sustainable cultivation of various seaweed species. The Seaweed Company has its seaweed production locations in Ireland, Morocco, India, and the Netherlands.

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About Colruyt Group

Colruyt Group is active in the distribution of food and non-food in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg, with more than 600 own stores and approximately 580 affiliated stores. Furthermore, Colruyt Group’s activities include energy supplies from DATS 24 in Belgium (fuels, natural gas, and green energy) and France (fuels), print and document management solutions (Symeta Hybrid), and the production of green energy (Eoly).

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