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After a brief period as a “retiree”, Alf-Helge Aarskog returns to the aquaculture business. Eide Fjordbruk announced today that the former head of MOWI will become the company’s new Business Developer, “to contribute to the development of the company and the new venture, Watermoon”. Aarskog will officially take up his new position on 1 January.

Sustainable production methods

Former CEO of MOWI and Lerøy Seafood Group, Aarskog was appointed member of InnovaFeed’s Board of Investors last March. Then, as of now, his experience in sustainable aquaculture was key to the decision. This was emphasized by Sondre Eide, CEO of Eide Fjordbruk, who believes he could not have found a better fit to contribute to the development of the company and the Watermoon project, which aims to re-set the standard in aquaculture.

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“Good biology, developing new methods and sustainable production methods are in our DNA. We want to create a platform that creates an optimal and safer biological environment for farmed fish. Our goal is to turn the industry’s challenges into opportunities. Norway’s advantages and solutions lie in the fjords. Alf-Helge will be a unique driving force to create further momentum in this work and in the rest of the company”, Eide says.

Alf-Helge Aarskog, for his part, has said that he is looking forward to working at Eide Fjordbruk. “Going to the core of fish farming and concentrating on helping to develop solutions that can improve the production of salmon will be very nice”, he claims. “I am impressed by the ambitions and visions of Eide Fjordbruk. The expertise in the organization seems very solid, and I will contribute to the team that will achieve the objectives of the company”, he adds.

Practical and solution-oriented people

In addition to a broad industry experience, Aarskog also has extensive experience in both Norwegian and international projects, and this was, according to Sondre Eide, instrumental in bringing him on board as the new Business Developer at Eide Fjordbruk. The company has important challenges ahead, such as the development of its new closed technology, ‘Watermoon’. This project will enable agriculture in the fjord and the sea without a negative impact on the environment, climate, and the diversity of other species in the sea.

“We are lucky to have good and dedicated people from the cage edge to the office, now we are strengthening the team with Alf Helge”, Eide claims. “We need the best minds to develop further as a company. We are incredibly happy to have Alf-Helge join the team together with all the good employees in Eide”, he concludes.

They are not the only ones who are happy, Aarskog is also enthusiastic about this return to action. “I am happy to admit that being on a team with practical and solution-oriented people has been something I have missed as a ‘retiree’. It’s probably just a matter of realizing that once a fish farmer is always a fish farmer”, he says.

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About Eide Fjordbruk

With a tradition in food production dating back to the 17th century, the Eide family has participated in and contributed to the development of the Norwegian farming industry for almost 50 years. According to the company, Eide Fjordbruk’s vision is to “Sets the standard for the future of aquaculture”. As a family business, they prioritize operating in a way that operation is secured for the long term, and for generations to come.

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