Erik Heim joins the USDA Northeastern Aquaculture Center advisory board representing Maine

Marianne Naess and Erik Heim announced in 2022 the birth of Xcelerate Aqua "to create and invest in companies that pursue smart and efficient aquaculture growth."
Erik Heim

Erik Heim

Xcelerate Aqua LinkedIn profile

Erik Heim has joined USDA The Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center advisory board representing Maine. He will focus on "encouraging diversity in research to advance aquaculture as it relates to species, production systems, applications, and markets."

The advisory board provides input to the NRAC board on research and funding priorities. Heim joined the industry group focused on sustainable aquaculture growth, according to Xcelerate Aqua's publication on LinkedIn.

Just a few months after announcing their departure from Nordic Aquafarms, Marianne Naess and Erik Heim announced the birth of Xcelerate Aqua.

Xcelerate Aqua's mission is to create and invest in businesses that drive smart and efficient aquaculture growth. The company is committed to innovations that push environmental and social stewardship forward. Xcelerate is a majority shareholder in Katahdin Salmon.

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