Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative seeks new CEO

Herman Wise, CEO of the GSSI is stepping down from the position. Photo: Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative.
Herman Wise, CEO of the GSSI is stepping down from the position. Photo: Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative.

Herman Wisse, still CEO of the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) has taken advantage of the organization's Winter Newsletter sent out this week to announce that he is stepping down. The organization is already looking for a replacement, as evidenced by the job offer posted on its LinkedIn profile. According to the offer, what they are looking for in their new CEO is "a strategic and inspiring leader who enjoys working in a multi-faceted environment".

Ten years in the organization

Wisse announced his departure with these words: "This year will be a landmark year for GSSI as we celebrate 10 years of successfully delivering clarity, confidence, and choice in seafood certification and sustainability progress. It will also be the year that I will be stepping down as the Executive Director of GSSI". The current CEO has been with the organization for more than ten years, starting as a consultant, then as a program manager, and, finally, he has been in his current position for seven years.

"Without the past 10 years of Herman's dedication, service, and vision, GSSI would not be where it is today. It is with heavy hearts and understanding that we see him stepping down, and we will work hand-in-hand with Herman to ensure a smooth transition that honors his impact on GSSI", Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative Steering Board Executive Committee stated.

Next level of impact

In his farewell, Wisse said that GSSI is now stronger than ever and ready for the next step in "its journey toward our shared vision of more sustainable seafood for everyone". He has also thanked the work of his "talented and committed" team, which he has claimed is ready to take GSSI to that next phase. "I am beyond proud of my team and what we have achieved together, and I look forward to seeing GSSI's future successes", he said. 

As can be seen in the job posting, his replacement will be expected to lead its growing partnership of more than 100 stakeholders and collaborations "to tackle the global seafood industry's complex sustainability challenges" and "to take a global, multi-stakeholder organization to the next level of impact". Herman Wisse added that in the coming months, before his departure, he will work closely with his colleagues and the Board to support the transition.

About GSSI

The Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative is a public-private partnership working towards the goal of turning seafood "into a driver for good to preserve oceans for future generations and drive forward more sustainable seafood for everyone". As one of the largest precompetitive collaborations in the world aligning businesses, governments, NGOs, and international organizations representing the full seafood value chain – the GSSI Global Partnership invites seafood sustainability leaders to join and become part of the solution.

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