Macarena Pérez is the new member of the Board of Directors of Camanchaca

Salmones Camanchaca announced that Macarena Pérez Ojeda has joined the company's Board of Directors.
Macarena Pérez Ojeda. Photo by: Salmones Camanchaca.
Macarena Pérez Ojeda. Photo by: Salmones Camanchaca.

Salmones Camanchaca announced that Macarena Pérez Ojeda joined to the company's Board of Directors. Pérez is currently a partner of Econsult in the area of investments for family wealth, individuals, and institutions, as well as vice-president of the Chilean Sovereign Wealth Funds Committee. Therefore, she adds this position to her current areas of action.

The company stated this in a communiqué which shows her solid experience as a member of different boards of directors, being appointed in the sixth Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting of the Company.

Macarena Pérez has extensive experience in different companies. She has been a board member of companies such as Empresas Volcán S.A., and Bbosch, as well as in various foundations, such as Fundación Mujer Impacta and Fundación la Fuente. In addition, she was also a member of the development council of Finnis Terrae University.

Her most recent positions before Econsult includes general manager of IM Trust AGF, as well as institutional distribution manager of IM Trust, and partner director of Credicorp Capital Finance.

Ricardo García Holtz, the Camanchaca's CEO, commented that "Macarena Pérez [will contribute] through her extensive experience in the financial world, an investor's perspective, which will be helpful to the company's management and challenges."

About Salmones Camanchaca

Salmones Camanchaca S.A. is a Chilean salmon producer that operates as a vertically integrated company. Their operations encompass various stages, such as breeding, egg production, recirculating hatcheries, and passage or lake hatcheries for coho salmon and trout. Additionally, they maintain fish farms in the fjord and oceanic waters, where they primarily cultivate Atlantic salmon. Camanchaca S.A. also engages in the primary and secondary processing of their products, as well as marketing and sales of both Atlantic and coho salmon through their sales offices.

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