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Niels Bontje has announced in his LinkedIn profile that he is the new Managing Director of Seafood of Cornelis Vrolijk Seafood. He will be responsible for the European Seafood strategy.

Niels Bontje – LinkedIn profile

“Looking forward to supporting the vision for sustainable fishing and working together with the fabulous team of Cornelis Vrolijk to establish a strong position in seafood and strong partnerships with our retail and foodservice partners,” he wrote.

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Previously, he was Global Business Acceleration Director Plant Protein at Nomad Foods for seven years where he lead a cross-functional team responsible for launching the new brand Green Cuisine, powered by plants in more than 14 countries.

About Cornelis Vrolijk Seafood

Cornelis Vrolijk Seafood is a retail specialist for the fish sector. It supplies a variety of fish species. A family of companies form Cornelis Vrolijk. For generations, they have been a supplier of healthy, sustainable, and above all tasty fish. They process the fish completely in the Netherlands and Belgium and deliver it to various European countries.

Moreover, the entire process is organized from ship to shelf, thus guaranteeing optimum freshness in the store. They try to make fish accessible to everyone. In addition, they feel responsible for food waste throughout the chain and they work on solutions innovatively. They process many of our residual products, for example, in meals and fish specialties.

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