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Peter Pan Seafood Company has created two new positions to focus on value-added, U.S. products. This will contribute to significant growth for the company. Michael Mussell joins as executive vice president of projects, ingredients, and canning and Matt Frazier occupies a regional sales manager position.

Regarding this, Rodger May, owner and chief growth officer said: “Both Michael and Matt are exceptionally talented. We have significantly moved away from a commodity company to a value-added company. They will play a key role in helping us deliver the high-quality Alaska products our customers are looking for.”

Growth for the company

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Mussell has more than 30 years of experiences in the seafood industry, spanning across four continents. He will strenght Peter Pan’s commitment to sustainability with his experience in canning, Omega 3 oils and ingredient protein fractions. Besides, Mussell’s past experience includes his role as chief operating officer at Austevoll Seafoods/Austral Group.

Michael Mussell – Peter Pan Seafood Company

“Peter Pan is undergoing a transformation,” Mussell stated. “I am enthusiastic that I can bring my experience to help create more value from underutilized co-products while furthering our environmental commitment to being good corporate citizens and create shareholder value at the same time.”

On the other side, Frazier brings more than 15 years of experience in the seafood industry, especially the retail and food services space to his new position. Frazier has experience and knowledge about the catch and sell of the fish at the retail level.

Matt Frazier – Peter Pan Seafood Company

“Peter Pan has a customer-first culture,” Frazier said. “Part of my role will be working closely with the end customers to develop the products they want and need. We’re really focused on relationships and that includes combining forces with the fleet to harvest wild Alaska seafood sustainably and responsibly and then deliver the kinds of value-added products the end customer is looking for. It’s a big deal and Americans want product that is harvested and produced sustainably, here at home in the U.S.”

In addition to this, Rich Wolverton returned to Peter Pan as new vice president of sales in March.

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