“Royal Greenland is now a company with a beautiful purpose and a clear mission”, CEO says goodbye

“Royal Greenland is now a company with a beautiful purpose and a clear mission”, CEO says goodbye

Mikael Thinghuus, who announced in January his resignation as CEO of Royal Greenland, has published a goodbye message on his LinkedIn profile. He has been in the role for almost 12 years.

"To work with you at all levels of the company and in all the countries in which we operate has left me with a huge number of great memories," he says. "Royal Greenland is now a company with a beautiful purpose, a clear mission, a comprehensive and strong strategy, and a superb management team. So, I am convinced that we (which is now: you) will be able to weather just about anything that fate throws at you."

Regarding the resignation, Company Chairman Niels de Coninck-Smith stated in January: "When we hired Mikael almost 12 years ago, I said we had made a scoop. Mikael and I have certainly had our business discussions along the way, but I would like to stand 100% by my original assessment: Mikael has been a scoop for Royal Greenland, and we will miss him very much. The company today is very different from what it was then – much stronger and in much better shape."

The Chairman continued: "We have now launched a broad and professional search for a successor. It will probably take some time, but the agreement we have reached with Mikael Thinghuus gives us good flexibility in terms of executing this search, as he will assist Royal Greenland for a relatively long period."

Finally, Thinghuus added: "Right now, however, something different will include a combination of building the woodshed I have talked about for 5 years, supervisory board positions, ski touring, and becoming a significantly better cook. It has been a privilege for me to lead Royal Greenland.

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