Norway promotes gender equality in the seafood industry

The Norwegian government has announced a fund of NOK 2 million for measures for gender equality 2 in the fishing industry in 2024.
Woman working at a fish factory. Photo by: Adobe Stock,
Woman working at a fish factory. Photo by: Adobe Stock,

The Norwegian government has announced measures for gender equality in the fishing industry in 2024. To do so, they have allocated up to NOK 2 million (EUR 175 thousand USD 187 thousand) for equality projects.

"There is still work to be done," declared the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Bjørnar Skjæran, who acknowledged that gender equality is still pending in some aspects.

The government will direct this funding toward projects based on equality. The government encourages industry stakeholders, including individuals, companies, institutions, organizations, and even foundations, to apply for project funding.

Skjæran explained in detail, "It must be safe to be a fisher on all fishing vessels, no matter what. […] I hope these projects will help pave the way, see more women in the fishing industry, and achieve a better gender balance in the fishing profession."

Women at the forefront of the project

The government will prioritize projects and measures that contribute to hiring women as fishers and owners of fishing vessels. Furthermore, the objectives of these projects should benefit the community, with potential local, regional, or even national influence.

"To strengthen women's opportunities in the fishing sector, it is necessary to work on changing attitudes, both against sexual harassment and gender-discriminatory behavior. Additionally, the structure needs to be adapted to provide equal opportunities for women and men to succeed. Authorities and the industry must join forces to strengthen hiring, as it has a significant ripple effect on children growing up along the coast, inspiring them to see a future in the fishing industry," said Skjæran.

People can submit applications on the website until November 1st.

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