Sea Lice Conference International 2022

Sea Lice Conference International 2022

Sea lice are a major concern across the globe. This is why the first Sea Lice International Conference took place in Paris, France in 1992. The purpose was to gather researchers that would study sea lice infestations in salmon farms. Offering a space where they would share their experiences of effective and successful mitigation and control practices. From then on they have periodically gathered to address this concerning topic. It is the major forum of Sea lice research and management. Since 2008 it is organized in a biennial format, bringing together the world's most notable papers, presentations, and investigations in the field.

Hosted for the first time in the Faroe Island. Fiskaaling is the organizer of the conference, they are the Aquaculture Research Station of the Faroes. And after a hiatus due to the pandemic, unable to gather since 2018, it will take place on May 9th-13th. For this reason, this is the 13th edition of the conference, and the venue is The Nordic House, in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. With the participation of leading international researchers, regulatory agencies, and groups, enables the communication and universalization of the science behind this topic. Facilitating scientific and practical advancement of the key factors related to sea lice inf both farmed and wild settings.

The Nordic House Conference Centre


In addition, the Conference will receive up to 400 participants, among which will be scientists and industry representatives that are deeply interested in Sea Lice. A four-year hiatus have implicated consequences for the sea lice networking and research community. As this conference is a platform in which they can present and discuss important scientific advancements and surfacing issues. 2022 allows them to congregate and talk about their results and findings.

5-20 minute presentations will address different subjects such as Fish Welfare, Medical Treatments, Wild Fish Interaction, and many more, throughout the 3 days of the conference

12th Sealice International Conference in Patagonia, Chile. Photo by Centro Interdisciplinario para la Investigación Acuicola INCAR

You can arrange your travel itinerary to Faroe Island from several international airports. Tórshavn is located only 45 minutes from the Vágar Airport. And you will have 4 different accommodation options to choose from with favorable prices! If you wish to attend the conference you have until April 11th to register here. However, it is important to point out that the call for abstracts has closed!

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