Jón Birgir Gunnarsson appointed as the new CSO for Skaginn 3X and BAADER Ísland

Jón Birgir Gunnarsson appointed as the new CSO for Skaginn 3X and BAADER Ísland

BAADER has announced that they have hired Jón Birgir Gunnarsson as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSO) for Skaginn3X and BAADER Ísland. That hiring represents the return of Gunnarsson to Skaginn3X as he led the development of the company's new brand identity and image when he was at the helm of sales and marketing during the company's strong growth stage between 2016 and 2019. The new CSO will be based in Reykjavík.

Strengthening Iceland's market

From the company, Robert Focke, Managing Director of BAADER Fish, is sure of Gunnarsson's suitability for the position. "I am convinced that he will be as dedicated in adhering to our customer's needs as he is to Skaginn 3X and the BAADER multi-brand product portfolio, this is what brought him back", he said. And added, "With the appointment of Jón Birgir Gunnarsson, we are further strengthening our position in the Icelandic market and our expertise on superior pelagic processing solutions to the benefit of our customers".

The new Chief Sales and Marketing Officer was also pleased and very motivated about his return to the company. "It is a motivating task to keep the Icelandic teams' strength in agility and adaptability, while combining it with the important robustness and stability that BAADER represents", Jón Birgir Gunnarsson said. "I am extremely excited to be in an important leadership role in this strong company, not the least because I believe we will be a leading force. There seems to be no other Icelandic company that has this number of specialized and dedicated employees who focus only on fish processing technology".

Stronger together

BAADER Ísland and Skaginn 3X recently joined forces in Iceland to establish even stronger customer support and foster joint innovation within seafood processing. In his new role as CEO, Gunnarsson will be responsible for accelerating sales activities in the local Icelandic market for the entire BAADER multi-brand portfolio. Moreover, together with his team, he will provide the global lead on all wall-to-wall pelagic processing solutions.

With 100 years of experience, BAADER is a global partner in food processing solutions. They design and engineer innovative and holistic solutions that ensure intelligent, safe, efficient, and sustainable food processing in all phases, from the handling of live and raw protein materials to the finished food products. Through their data capabilities, and in close collaboration and partnership with their customers and partners they are taking further steps toward greater efficiency, traceability, transparency, profitability, and sustainability to succeed in optimizing the food value chain in the long term.

Based in Iceland, Skaginn 3X is a manufacturer of high-tech processing systems for the global food industry. The company offers a range of patented chilling, freezing and thawing solutions, as well as efficient food processing systems designed to maximize product quality, increase yield, production, and overall efficiency. Like BAADER, it also works closely with customers to deliver solutions that bring sustainable value to their businesses.

*Cover photo courtesy of BAADER.

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